Italy Privat Excursions

We will make your Italian Experience unforgettable.
We offer customized touring services at an excellent value all over Italy. We specialize in Private Shore Excursions for cruise passengers and Private Tours and Transfers for land-based travelers. We will ensure your time in any of our cities will be truly memorable!

During the past ten years we have put together a world-class team of professionals to serve you. Unlike some of our competitors who are cutting costs (and service), our prices have ALWAYS been reasonable. Our emphasis is on efficiency, value, and superior service. All of our English speaking drivers are fluent in English and knowledgeable about local Italian culture, history and art. We deeply care about our clients and we know when you book Italy Private Excursions you expect nothing but the best.

Our goal is to amaze you with Rome's historical monuments, while offering you a unique opportunity to see the "Other Italy" – the one you will never experience touring in a 50-seater bus (where you spend so much time on lines, unable to hear or understand the guide, or being taken to one of those annoying “preferred stores” that just waste time). Best of all, the price for our tours is often less than you would pay for a bus tour. Our philosophy is to take you where you want to go, when you want to go, and to get you there and back to destination safely, and with memories that will last you a lifetime!

The "Other Italy" we will show you is a diverse one: the Italy of "1000 ways to cook pasta" - the way our Italian mothers do it…you will hear the romantic whisper of the breeze rustling through the olive trees while relaxing with a glass of Chianti in a vineyard built on Etruscan ruins... Ché vita! Italy was once the center of the world…our heritage is unparalleled…our layers of history, culture, art and architecture, food and wine are unmatched anywhere in the world! We provide everything the savvy traveler wants to experience while being escorted by experts who are happy to share these wonders of Italy with you!

When you return home, we want you to feel like you spent time with your relatives in Italy. That’s why we work so hard to personalize each itinerary. Our English speaking drivers are expert in avoiding traffic congestion and crowds, and will give you the ultimate touring experience, offering you an unforgettable visit with all the excitement possible, but without the stress. We truly understand the needs of our clients and will to customize our tours to meet your desires.

Experience Italy, making your dreams of Italy a reality…




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Please, note that there will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by e-mail within at least 1 week before date of requested service. If is not done in these terms, our company reserves the right to debit the "no show fee" on your credit card which is the total amount of requested services. Once you fill out our reservation form and insert your credit card information, you are legally bound to a contract with us.