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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Our driver will meet you in Florence at your accommodation and take you through the countryside for a day in Liguria for you to visit the most famous coastal towns of Cinque terre.

Starting with the first one Riomaggiore, about a 2.5 hour drive from Florence, your driver will accompany you through the town and then depending on sea conditions/weather, you will need on your own (as the driver can not come with you) a boat/ferry or train to Manarola. Explore the narrow alleys and soft-hued squares, enjoy a tasting of the local wines, or admire the magnificent views of the Ligurian Sea while in Manarola.

Then take a local boat along the Cinque Terre Coastline and prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking view as you arrive in Vernazza. Spend your time exploring the narrow alleyways and appreciating the impressive panorama from various points which give this town its characteristic charm. You will have free-time in this area and as Vernazza is the preferred location for lunch, you will have time to savor the local flavors in a restaurant of your choice. Of course your driver will be happy to suggest a restaurant based on your preferences.

After your visit to Vernazza you will meet with your driver again and together you will drive to Corniglia, the only village not situated on the seafront, here you get a different perspective of the Cinque Terre than what you have experienced in the other towns, you can taste Corniglia’s famous wines made here since Roman Times before heading back to Florence.

If you are in possession of a Disabled Parking Permit, please bring it with you as it will allow our driver to have better access to the sites, for your comfort.
Price list
Mercedes A/C Sedan up to 4 people € 700
Mercedes A/C Minivan up to 6 people € 750
Mercedes A/C Minivan up to 8 people € 800
Mercedes A/C Minibus up to 15 people € 1850
Mercedes A/C Minibus up to 24 people € 2700
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